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Looking for places to stay near Bristol and South Wales? The Old Ferry View in Aust (North Bristol), is a small self-contained apartment with stunning views across the river Severn.

Perfect as a holiday let or business trip, this cosy property provides a perfect base for people looking to explore Wales (10 minute drive), Bristol (central Bristol is 20 Minutes) and the South West of England.

From our apartment, you are less than a minute walk away from our Triassic cliffs, and an array of wildlife that now inhabit the remains of the old Ferry Terminal which closed in 1966. There is a famous picture from that year showing Bob Dylan taking the ferry to Wales (see ‘No Direction Home‘), in the background you can make out the suspension bridge in its final stages of completion.

For more information about the accommodation and the area see below!

outdoor private area near old Aust Ferry View Bristol

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The accommodation

The accommodation is suitable for 2 people, although there are extra sleeping facilities (pull out bed) within the single bedroom that can sleep a small family or people who don’t mind sharing.

We have left no stone unturned to make your stay as pleasurable as possible, there is a private garden area where you can sit for breakfast or spend the evening under the stars.

On arrival, you will have fresh eggs and milk and other treats.

There is a kitchen area with a microwave, induction hob, toaster, kettle and small fridge. In the sitting area there is a large TV, pull out table and a very comfortable sofa.

We offer free cancellation 24 hours before stay.

seating area old ferry view Aust Bristol UK
Private Seating Area + Garden View
Views of Wales
On suite bathroom
Free Parking
Pet Friendly
Hair Drying Facilities
Security Cameras
Free Cancellation

The History

Located in Aust with a view looking out over wales and the old ferry crossing to Beachly, this stretch of the river Severn has a facinating history.


Forming a dramatic backdrop to where the old ferry stood is Aust Cliff, with its striking red, black and white layers of mudsone. This cliff was formed during the Triassic Period (230 million years ago) when Aust was situated towards the Equator.

Of particular interest to fossil hunters who visit our area are the upper layers which once lay under tropical seas 210 million years ago and contain the fossils of sea reptiles such as ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs. 

The Ferry

There has been a passage across the Severn at this location since Roman times.

When Daniel Defoe visited the Aust Ferry in the 18th Century, the writer of Robinson Crusoe decided not to make the crossing.

When we came to Aust, the hither side of the Passage, the sea was so broad, the fame of the Bore of the tide so formidable, the wind also made the water so rough, and which was worse, the boats to carry over both man and horse appear’d (as I have said above) so very mean, that in short none of us car’d to venture: So we came back, and resolv’d to keep on the road to Gloucester

The bustling Aust Ferry terminal no longer stands, it closed in 1966 it is now a quiet, peaceful place that overlooks the two Severn bridges.

How to Find Us

Aust is a small village about 10 miles north of Bristol and about 28 miles south west of Gloucester in South Gloucestershire, England. We are located on the eastern side of the Severn estuary, close to the eastern end of the Severn Bridge which carries the M48 motorway.